StillStore is an application that can store, select and broadcast images (still frames) on two contemporary video channels, through a simple and flexible user interface based on drag-n-drop operations.

StillStore needs to be installed on a dedicated workstation, equipped with a video card for acquisition (Blackmagic DeckLink) and two devices for the respective video channel outputs for which the current version of StillStore supports Blackmagic, AJA, Bluefish444, NDI®, Thunderbolt and VGA.

Through the capture channel, it is possible to store images in PNG lossless format (PNG compression ARGB32) on a shared storage or network folder.

Installation requires a dedicated workstation with a Blackmagic DeckLink video acquisition card and output devices for each video channel.

The current version of StillStore is compatible with various output formats including Blackmagic, AJA, Bluefish 444, NDI®, Thunderbolt, and VGA.